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Manipulation of Images  See also Sensitive Images

Stephen Hepworth Photography often digitally alters images for aesthetic reasons but

never to mischievously misrepresent a subject.

For example, portraits may be retouched, models and products may be cut out and placed

in other settings and objects or buildings may be distorted in shape; but never to make

deliberately dishonest claims about a person or product.

For examples of altered images -  click here


Clients also make changes to photographs which affect their context and meaning. 

Stephen Hepworth is not responsible for the consequences of any future manipulation

of pictures, which is not done by himself.

He not liable for any misrepresentation caused by a third party presenting one of

his pictures as evidence of fact.

No image made by Stephen Hepworth should be used as legal evidence with out an

affidavit from the photographer.


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