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Photographing Children

See also Model Release, Manipulation of Images & Health & Safety (Child Working Hours)

Stephen Hepworth strives to make child photographic sessions happy occasions.

Work is not undertaken solely at the request of people under the age of 18 or without

some knowledge of its intended use.

Stephen Hepworth has Enhanced CRB clearance  See Professional Details

However, every child or model under 16 must be accompanied by one adult only

during all photography sessions and young customers may be asked for proof of age.

Stephen Hepworth is very experienced at working with children and they are rarely

uncooperative but pictures are never taken of a child or baby who does not want to

be photographed.  Only expenses are charged if no pictures are produced.

Where ever practicable, children will be directed with verbal instructions only.

Normally, only the first names and limited home details are given to newspapers etc.

(Eg. - 'Lucy aged 10 , Sheffield') unless permission is given.

For Commercial work, all children under 16 MUST be licensed by their

Local Education Authority.


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